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Magic, μαγεία mageía is an ancient Greek word, meaning "magic" that can be derived from the larva magia. Above the supernatural forces, the art of influence over living things, objects and events.
According to a more meaningful view, the mind has a secret, supernatural effect on the world to achieve a desired effect.
Three important rules of magic.
Never send the spell to anyone despite the will of the person.
Do not miss your "wife, husband" spell magic with yourself!
No one is your property, people are not wealthy objects, you can not own them!
Classification of rites

Natural Magic!
The most ancient form of magic, contains elements of both indirect and direct magic.

Papi (sacred) magic!
A magic form based on indirect spells, in which spells are executed by a superior power.
Mystical magic!
By direct magic, the magician performs the spell itself.

The Grimoar Magic Book. In such books, guides are generally found to produce magical tools such as talismans and amulets; Spells, spells, and prophecies, and superhuman beings: call on demons, angels, ghosts, and help them. In many cases, books are believed to be magical, but in other cultures, they are also associated with the sacred writings of the belief that they have supernatural power as in the Bible. Thus, although all magic books can be considered grimoar, not all magical books are. The best known is Howard Phillips's Lovecraft Necronomicon.

Lovecraft's mystical world is an important building block of some of the cultic objects imagined by the writer. The most famous of these are Necronomicon, the Book of the Dead Names, a grimac, which Lovecraft says Abdul Alhazred, the mad Arabic wrote in Damascus in 738, and its original title Al-Azif, where the Arabic term refers to certain night sounds that are insects. Long ago, this was a scream of demons. There are several reports of the title of the book, Lovecraft's researchers discuss what is right. The most accepted is the Book of the Names of the Dead, but it can also be translated as the Book of the Dead of the Dead. Necronomicon is Greek, probably a mistaken word, because literally translated: The Book of Dead Law. The work is, of course, merely a product of the fantasy of Lovecraft, as he wrote in a letter: Alhazred's figure was invented at the age of five, according to Lovecraft's Necronomicon, published in 1973 in the form of the Thousand One Night's Tales and later in a separate volume. The volume contains all that is related to the cult of the "Great Olds" often occurring in the work of a writer, and Lovecraft's novels often refer to it but appear less frequently, first of all in the novel of Randolph Carter's testimony, but not yet named Necronomicon at least eighteen The content is always obscure, only readers can read quotes.
Amulets Magic

The amulet is typically a tiny object: hollow or solid metal, stone, pearls, yarns, etc., but amulet can be made from any object (at present) can be even a traffic accident debris.
The amethyst, for example, is derived from the term "greedy drunkenness," which was used by ancient Greeks to do so.
The amulet is worn in the neck, ear, arm, or finger. For example, they are examples of Sumerians (coin-wearable on necklaces), ancient Egyptians - they considered the scarab, the sacred beetle as amulets - and the Hebrews (ears and pendants). Chaldeans, Greeks and Romans also wore them, and Christianity and Mohammedans took over from them all over the world.
Amulets often contain occult symbols and inscriptions.

The origins of the earrings, rings, and bracelets of today's fashion can be traced back to the present, although many people are not aware of it today.

Agla   This lucky AGLA talisman, which has been devoted to anti-devastating, exorbitant, antipyretic and healing, originally appeared in a girmoire, a magic book. The magical power of the AGLA subtitle, which is due to the Kabbalist method called Notarikun, is composed of the initials of the prayer form "Atha gibor leolam Adonai" (The Power of Your Eternal Power, Lord). The common element of AGLA in the magic books, such as the III. Leo Pope attributed to Enchridion's Magic Circle War Talisman The Magical Shield of Wounds, Warships, Military Service, defending during combat. The magical power of the lost projectile is accidental Protection against injury. He escapes revenge and the enemy Set up trap. Strategic decisions are helpful. , Magical figures, talismans, inscriptions and spells. Its popularity is no longer proven to be more than a region in Europe, where for a long time all talents, amulets, and magical minerals were referred to as AGLA.   Whenever you use:   If you need any work, exams, or interviews you need.   Solomon is a sacred shield Solomon is a sacred shield   Hebrew amulet, which protects its owner from any form of evil. Gives strength to the resistance to evil, damaging forces. It provides shame, faith, hope, and celestial help to improve the "corrupt world" of the living. To carry the shield as a talisman, as an amulet, to do good deeds, to show a good example, to deliver holiness and redemption to its owner.     Gipsy amulet Gipsy amulet   It provides protection against spells, scarring, hypnotic influences. Guard against curses, pagan practices. It serves as a shield against the jealousy, cunning, cheating and secret actions of the enemy, fake friends. It drives the pursuers halfway.   Archangel Michael's Magic Circle Archangel Michael's Magic Circle   Protective shield. It is the highest level of spiritual perfection and pure intent. It is the symbol of absolute simplicity, immorality, evil powers. Enables us to defend ourselves, for the influence of others, for the purpose of evil intent and for corrupt morality.   prognostic prognostic   Ancient Greek Magical Circle (c. 3 c. Parchment), which was used for fortune telling and for comonoming with the afterlife. Symbols to this day are a perpetual model of prophecy. It widenes the subconsciousness and intuition of the human talisman, helping the development of supernatural forces, which will be able to avoid undesirable situations. It also develops man's imagination and self-knowledge.   War Talismans War Talismans   War Talisman The Magical Shield of War, War and War Service, defending during combat. The magical power of the lost projectile is coincidence Protection against injury. He escapes revenge and the enemy Set up trap. Strategic decisions are helpful.
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