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Helping minerals

It counteracts bad energies well.
It dissolves despair and anxiety.

Tangerine-colored quartz modification of the chalcedony group. His color is mostly blue,
Gray, sand-brown.
CANCER: brain, meningitis, intestines, skin, tumors, digestion,
Epilepsy, ulcers, gums, moonlight, bladder closure, horizons, nerves,
Fever, spleen, detoxification, reading disorders, prostate, x-rays,
Cell elasticity versus red blood cells.
Spiritual effects: courage, depression and lethargy, joy and happiness

Light blue beryllium clayey, its color is iron.
MEDICINES: metabolism, jaw, thymus, vertebrae, bones,
Whites, teeth, pharynx, gastric ulcer, nerves, immune system, arms, hands,
Spleen, liver, neck, eyes, heart, coronary heart, myocardial infarction, taro,
Throat, kidneys.
Spiritual Effects: Understanding, Semitism, Fitness, Disturbance of Potato,

Greenbottles with potato pepper and the color content of copper
MEDICINES: brain, nerves, nervous connections, synopsis, pregnancy.
Spiritual effects: vitality.

Glass free carbonate with flat crystals or as a binder coating
Glassy dark blue.
MEDICINES: bones, immune system, joints, central nervous system,
Self-healing center, regulation of thyroid function, circulation, vitality.
Spiritual effects: sleep, concentration, visions, feelings of protection.
 Motivating mind cleanses depression.
It promotes creative self-expression and thinking.
It creates emotionally peace and strengthens our trust.

Circumference silica, yellowish-brown or red, diamond-colored mineral.
CANCER: sleep, glands.

Quartz Crystal. Its color is yellow, from green to golden brown. The heavy material is iron.
MEDICINES: general strengthening, metabolism, intestines, diabetes, digestion,
Burns, abdominal organs, immune system, muscle system, liver, detoxification, sunburn,
Heart, cough, kidneys, blood circulation, vitality.
Spiritual effects: intelligibility, mood swings, balance, self-confidence,
Danger of suicide, self-destruction, luck.

Smoky mountain crystal, by radioactive irradiation of neighboring rocks
MEDICINES: low blood pressure, weight loss, pancreas, testicles, nerves,
Muscular system, drowsiness, connective tissue, adrenal glands, genital organs, ovaries, cancer,
Heart, sexual dysfunction, tissue, fertility, kidneys, fatty tissue.
Spiritual Effects: Resignation, Fepression, Incentives.

Carriers of the vibrations of the cosmic world.
They can transmit, convey, or harmonize their energy with their vibrations, so they perform their healing effects.
They release tremendous vibrations.
They have finely energized fields that fill the living creatures with different energies and control the internal energy flow.
The vibration frequency of the crystals is different in relation to their elemental components.
Thus, at the different points of our body, they can reset their aura and the original condition of the body with their vibrations.
The minerals act on both physical, mental, and spiritual levels.
A symbol of fulfilled love.
It brings to you the righteous who can not resist you.

rose quartz
The stone of love and attraction.
It also helps in the favorable development of finances.

Maw sit sit
Suitable stone for removing metabolic, fat and proteins.
Wear it continuously or put over the pancreas.

It makes it more open.
It has a good impact on concentration and creativity.
It helps in decision-making and increases the firmness. Boost internal fire.

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